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One of very few in the region, the Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Virtual Academy is a digital platform for aspiring and current entrepreneurs, providing resources, training and a community of empowered peers. The Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Virtual Academy is in partnership with FazINOVA, one of the top online educational portals based in Brazil, which was founded by MIT graduate, entrepreneur and writer, Bel Pesce. Badiri is launching 16 episodes that aim to empower entrepreneurs locally, regionally and globally, ensuring that female entrepreneurs will reach their highest potential. While the Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Virtual Academy’s content is open to all to benefit from, some components and audio visual materials of the programme are only open to female entrepreneurs aiming to develop a world-class entrepreneurship development academy to empower women.

17 exercises
Closed community
Digital certificate

Program content

The Awakening
  • A new reality
  • Finding the best version of you
  • Difficulties are part of the journey
  • Gathering essential reinforcements
Preparing for the challenge
  • Drawing the map
  • Making strategies
  • Finding shortcuts
  • Making the challenge possible
Creating a new reality
  • Facing the dragon
  • The treasure bucket
  • Building new worlds
  • The hero of your own story
Exploring an unknown world
  • Where to find the greatest treasures?
  • A choice that can change everything
  • Facing your inner enemy
  • A hero is revealed

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