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This course deals with the disruptions that are happening in the world that will impact and transform our daily life in the coming years. With a simple approach, Tenny Pinheiro exposes the greatest forces of change that are about to completely affect the way we learn. A set of valuable lessons practiced under the lens of learning, using and remembering.

Who is it for?

For all those who are not directly involved in areas of innovation. 95% of the professionals of a company are involved in the day-to-day operation, but not in disruptions. The course is also designed for people who have had some kind of business for years and need to upgrade. For all to understand, all content is taught with clear and objective language.

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Program content

Lesson 01: Fragments of ruptures
  • Fragments of ruptures
Lesson 02: The Internet of Things
  • A internet das coisas
Lesson 03: Invisible Technologies
  • Tecnologias invisíveis
Lesson 04: Electric Cars
  • Carros Elétricos

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